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I received my undergraduate degree from the University of Central Oklahoma in 1977 in special education.  I taught at McLoud High School from 1977-1980.  I taught a second time, 2005-2007 at Centennial High School, which was Hoover Middle School.  In 1986 I received a Master of Social Work from the University of Oklahoma and in 1990 became an LCSW.

In my career, I have had numerous social work positions, one of which was at Mercy Health Center.  While at Mercy, another LCSW and I wrote Mercy’s 1st policy for domestic violence.  We also created and implemented a domestic violence training program for medical staff.  From that program, I developed a teen dating/domestic violence education/prevention program which I have presented in numerous settings including most of the middle schools in the Oklahoma City area, churches, and treatment centers for the last 22 years.

I have also worked at an adolescent boys group home, a juvenile detention center, a children’s residential treatment center, an adolescent in-patient psychiatric center and was employed by a therapeutic foster care agency doing out-patient therapy. For the last 3 and a half years I have worked at Family Builders, formerly Parents Assistance Center.  For two and a half years I was a facilitator for their Nurturing Parenting Skills groups and have been involved with their Batterer’s Intervention Program (BIP) since my employment.  Family Builders does a teen parenting program and Emerson Alternative School  in Oklahoma City and I have been involved with it as well.  I also raised two step boys.

Throughout the years since gaining my licensure I have been practicing marriage counselingfamily counseling and also providing therapy to individuals as well as groups. Nearly four years ago I created Inner Treasures Counseling, LLC a professional limited liability company, and have been seeing clients in my own office.  I also continue to do the dating violence program and have presented programs on communication to various groups including CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) and, recently, to the foster parents of a therapeutic foster care agency.  My presentations are interactive.  I talk WITH people as opposed to talking “at” them.I talk WITH people as opposed to talking “at” them.

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“I have known Ms. Stephanie for about 7 years and I can honestly say that she is one of the most caring and honest persons I have ever met. She handles herself very well in professional and every day life situations. I couldn't ask for a better mentor!”
Oklahoma City

What All Clients Can Expect From Me

I will protect your confidentiality.  Whatever happens in our sessions will remain between you and me unless I have written permission to share.  The usual exceptions will apply:  I am obligated by law, “duty to warn”, if you threatened someone else’s safety.  If you are actively suicidal, I will have to take the appropriate action.  If you have an acute psychotic episode, I will call 911.  Also, parents PLEASE NOTE:  I will respect your child’s privacy as well unless the above situations exist or if your child gives me permission to talk to you.  If something is said that I feel would be important to know, I will encourage your child to either talk to you or get their permission to talk to you.

I am “real”.  I believe that you already know your own answers.  You just don’t know it yet.  We ARE a TEAM.  You know you, your situation and history better than I do and I have the benefit of clinical knowledge, tools, and experience.  If you are looking for an impersonal “expert” to tell you how to run your life, I would encourage you to keep looking because that is not me.

I will challenge you to define “vague” terms.  If you tell me you want to be a “better” parent, spouse, person etc., I’m going to have you think about “what that looks like when you see it”.  What does a “better” mean to you in concrete terms.  What does “respect” mean to you in concrete terms.

Communication! Communication! Communication!  We have ALL learned dysfunctional communication styles.  We will work on how you communicate with others and the “self-talk” that goes on in your head.

Reframing.  We will look at qualities that you, your partner or your children have that appear to be “negative” and rethink them.  For example:  “Stubborn” and “hard-headed” can be re-framed into “determined” and “persevering”.  It is NOT the quality itself, but how and when it is used.

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Current Client
Oklahoma City, OK
"I have been to other therapist but, I quit going. I like coming to you because you are "real". This is not just "a job" to you. You seem to truly care about me."