Group Counseling Services Oklahoma City

Group Counseling Services OKC

When is group counseling necessary or beneficial?

I enjoy facilitating group counseling services and these sessions can be beneficial for a variety of situations.  These group counseling sessions might be beneficial for parenting skills, emotional regulation, relationship counseling, domestic abuse counseling, substance abuse counseling or more.   Contact me to find out what kinds of group counseling sessions are available at the moment.

Group Counseling OKC

What can I expect in our group counseling sessions?

In our very first group therapy meeting we will establish “norms” and “expectations”.  Norms will be guidelines to follow during the group sessions.

We will do a “cardstorming” activity to determine what you want to get from the group.  There will be a general question asked based on the purpose of the group, i.e., parenting skills, emotional regulation, strengthening and other related group counseling sessions.  Sometimes family counseling or marriage counseling can even be beneficial in group settings, with other families or married couples.

There will be a general question asked based on the purpose of the group, i.e., parenting skills, emotional regulation, strengthening a couple’s relationship, etc..This is an activity in which you will be placed in small groups and brainstorm your needs and topics you want to cover.  Each idea/topic is placed on a card.  One idea per card.

We will then get back into the general group and you will present your group’s ideas.  We then group the ideas into “like” categories and name each category.

After that is done, you will receive a certain number of beans based on the number of categories.  We then do a “bean” vote.  You will place your “votes” on the category cards.  Whichever category gets the most votes, will be the one we start with.  ALL ideas are important but, we can’t cover all of them at once so this is to determine what you believe is a “priority”.  Every group I have done this with has really enjoyed it and found it helpful.

What if I have an idea for a group counseling session?

If you have an idea for a group counseling session in Oklahoma City which is not currently being offered, please contact us and I may either be able to point you in the right direction of a group which covers your area of need or interest or we may be able to start a group together.  In many situations, group counseling can actually be more beneficial than one on one counseling and for this reason I very much enjoy working with these groups.

What are some good group counseling resources in Oklahoma City?

The group counseling topics which are currently available in Oklahoma City vary from time to time.  For more information about the current group therapy sessions which might be available please contact me and I may be able to help you find or assemble a group.


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