My philosophy can be summed up in the name I chose for my business, Inner Treasures Counseling OKC, and in the quote that is on the back of my business cards:

“The greatest good you can do for another is not just share your riches but, reveal to them their own.” ­­

Benjamin Disraeli

Inner Treasures Counseling OKC - Stephanie Brill LCSW

I believe the therapy process is a team effort. You know yourself, your situation and your own answers. My job is to assist you in discovering and uncovering those answers and to guide you as you create the person you would like to be. I also believe that people deal with issues when they are ready to do so. You will be in charge of the issues dealt with. I may make suggestions or check out what I perceive the issues may be based on my years of experience and knowledge but, ultimately you decide what we will work on in YOUR sessions.

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